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Subject: yey!
Author: charlie
Date: 8/3/2004 6:05:04 PM:

a playwrights item on ebay! wow


you guys have officially made it big time
Subject: yey!
Author: Ben
Date: 8/3/2004 6:07:15 PM:

4.13!!! you can buy from my label for 3.00! thanks for that Charlie - your badge order has been sent by the way...
Subject: yey!
Author: Maff
Date: 8/4/2004 10:35:59 AM:

wow - a collectors item already :)
Subject: yey!
Author: charlie
Date: 8/15/2004 10:19:13 PM:

hey, received the 7" a few days ago, so thanks for that! it is top class.
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