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Subject: tour dates
Author: Ben
Date: 7/22/2004 4:15:04 PM:

hi - proper website updates and newsletter coming soon but we're happy to announce these gigs:

Aug 22nd -Nottingham @ Rescue Rooms with Pretty Girls Make Graves
Aug 23rd- Glasgow @ King Tuts with PGMG and Seachange
Aug 24th -Manchester @ Roadhouse with PGMG and Seachange
Aug 25th-London @ Scala with PGMG and Seachange


Aug 27th - London @ Verge
Sept 11th - London @ Buffalo Bar with The Free French
Subject: tour dates
Author: Maff
Date: 7/22/2004 4:42:36 PM:

i hate this tour...

i love this tour...

looking forward to playing Nottingham and Manchester again...
Subject: tour dates
Author: Bobby
Date: 7/22/2004 6:46:38 PM:

hi guys
when's the 7" ready - i thought it was meant to be out? And any news of Guy Debord?
Subject: tour dates
Author: Ben
Date: 7/22/2004 8:59:25 PM:

7" will be on sale at our next gig - Fri 30th July @ Louisiana. Alistair from Unpopular Records is driving up with a batch.

We're looking at options for the 'Guy' three tracker. A few people are interested in putting it out, or we may do it ourselves. Obviously we want it for the tour to sell! keep checking back for news...
Subject: tour dates
Author: Sarah
Date: 7/23/2004 11:26:33 AM:

I have been told that PGMG = emo to the max => should I start buying up my "ironic" 2nd t-shirts and a selection of trucker hats in preparation for the London gig, eh? Cripes. I felt most out of place at the Pinback gig.

Anyway - I'll certainly be along to the Verge and Buffalo Bar gigs - I take it you've been in touch with Rhodri then? :) It's been yonks since I've been to the Roadhouse, ah, nostalgia. They might even have sorted out the sound in the last two years... haha, right! Nottingham is cool too - I miss visiting my friend there, but ah well.
Subject: tour dates
Author: Maff
Date: 7/26/2004 8:04:08 PM:

Hey Sarah - did you spend some time in Manchester then? I was there for ages and played the roadhouse a few times :) What did they need to 'sort out'? It's been a long time since i was up there
Subject: tour dates
Author: jimp
Date: 7/27/2004 6:38:32 PM:

how many copies of the 7" are you putting out?
Subject: tour dates
Author: Ben
Date: 8/1/2004 10:58:09 AM:

The Verge show is with The Capes...

there's 500 copies of the 7". Unpopular Records is putting it out. Get yourself to www.unpopular-records.com as we don't have many copies left!
Subject: tour dates
Author: Sarah
Date: 8/2/2004 9:31:57 AM:

I used to live nearby - Manchester was my Big Town experience! It's apparently changed a lot since it was my stomping ground though, although I want to go back up there, sod this London lark. The sound used to be terrible at the Roadhouse IIRC, the bass in particular tended to suffer. As I said though, it's been years so I'm sure it'll be better now! Sob... I miss Manchester! :)
Subject: tour dates
Author: Maff
Date: 8/2/2004 12:11:42 PM:

yeah i kinda miss manchester too - going up there in a couple of weeks, and again for the pgmg date. We're hopefully going to be playing at in the city there in september also...

it has changed so much since the commonwealth games - definately much nicer city center now
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